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Whole House Humidifier Versus Single Room Humidifiers

Small, portable humidifiers are by far the most popular option. Prices have come down to a point where they are easily affordable, and people can buy enough to have one in each room if they want to. This isnít normally necessary. Most people will have one in the bedroom and another in the main living area. Possibly one more in another room such as an office or play room that gets a lot of use. This is an efficient way to humidify your home as you only need to have them switched on when the room is in use.

Single room humidifiers do have disadvantages though. You need to refill them on a regular basis. At least once per day, possibly twice. They also take up space and you may struggle to find one that matches the decor.

Whole house humidifiers are the alternative. People who need a lot of humidification will see the benefits. One central location, usually out of sight. Most can be connected to the main water supply so thereís no manual refilling needed. The whole house being taken care of without you having to think about it. Unfortunately this isnít an option for everyone. Whole house humidifiers work with your central heating system. Usually connected to the furnace, they add moisture to the recently warmed air as it passes around the building. Not all are compatible, so youíll need to check if the option exists for you. Itís best to have a professional installer do the work, so they will be able to advise you.

For most people, the decision comes down to two factors. Firstly, does the option for a whole house humidifier exist? Secondly, how much is needed? If youíll only be needing them for a couple of months per year, and only for a few hours per day, then a whole house model would be more than you need. Much easier to get a couple of portable humidifiers and store them away when not in use. Those who need a lot of humidification will save time and effort by having a whole house solution. It is possible that the flexibility of portable units will still be the better option, even though youíll have to put more time in refilling them manually. It really depends on your needs, or indeed, your personal preference.