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Why Consumers Go for the Vicks V745A Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks V745A

Modern technology has a way of helping us cope with natural problems especially those given to us by Nature. One good example is how modern technological inventions can help us balance the moisture in the air. With too much dry air around us, we can see ourselves experiencing issues of the health including difficulty in breathing and yes, the coming of coughs, colds and even flu symptoms. It is worse for children since their bodies can easily react to the environment they are in. It is a good thing that humidifiers are invented for they help us give ourselves and our loved ones air that contains just the right amount of moisture for healthy and comfortable breathing.

Now, with the many humidifying units available in the market, it can be difficult for us to choose especially for first-time buyers or for those who want to have the best value for their money, however limited their budget is. Here, let us take a closer look at the Vicks 745A and see why consumers consider it as one of those on top of their humidifiers-to-shop-for list.

Table of Contents

1. Effectiveness
2. Features
3. Noise Levels
4. Maintenance
5. Visual Design
6. Dimensions
7. Capacity
8. Value for Money
9. Accessories
10. Advantages
11. Disadvantages

Output and Effectiveness

The Vicks V745A is a warm mist humidifier, meaning it gives off warm mist rather than cool ones given off by other types of humidifying machines. The package says it can run continuously for 12 hours and consumers say it works well on high setting for 8 or 9 hours – just perfect for a complete comfortable sleep at night. The tank is for one gallon of water but the output is about 2 gallons per day moisture. Enough for quite a large area. This means that your room can be quite big and the air within that area can be well humidified. There should be no need to buy another unit as what other owners do for smaller capacity humidifiers.


The unit has two power levels. For a small room, the low setting can be sufficient. For bigger rooms or if your hygrometer tells you of extremely dry air, the high setting would be needed. Just take note though that with the high setting, the unit can release good moisture for about 9 hours. If on low setting, expect the unit to last for even 24 hours on full tank.

Another great feature of the Vicks V745A that is not always offered on other models is its auto shut off feature. With the auto shut off, the unit will turn off once the tank is empty. This is very advisable for users who do not want to always be on the watch if their humidifier is still sufficiently filled and working. Some users complain (with humidifiers that have no auto shut off) that they need to check so many times a day that using the unit just becomes a bother. With an auto shut off feature, there are no worries of leaving it on at night or for long hours in the day.

Since the Vicks V745A is a warm mist humidifier it is also preferred by those who experience really dry winters. Also, the unit comes with a medicine cup when you purchase it and this cup can be used with KazInhalent or Vicks Vaposteam especially to help dispel phlegm, coughs and colds. Parents find this feature really useful especially when one of the main reasons they buy a humidifier for is to help their kids breathe easier and more comfortable during the day or while sleeping at night. With the medicine cup, the unit is not just a simple humidifier, it can also produce medicated vapor and mist that soothes and help cure.

Another feature worth mentioning is its night light. The light given off by the humidifier can double as a room nightlight making it doubly useful especially for those who find it more comforting to sleep not in total darkness. For parents, they can encourage kids to use the humidifier in their rooms not just because it helps them breathe easier but also because it can provide them gentle light in the room. The unit also boasts of an ultra quiet feature, meaning the mild sounds it makes is not loud enough to disrupt sleep.

Noise Levels

As mentioned above, the Vicks V745A is a generally quiet humidifier. Do not expect it to be 100% sound-free as that can simply disappoint you. Also, if you search for humidifiers that make zero noise, then you are in for an endless search. With this particular model, it can be said that the noise levels are very tolerable. It can be in the same room as you and you would not be disrupted in sleep. To imagine it, it is like having a small aquarium in a large room; mostly, you do not notice the noise it makes and to some, the sound can even be comforting. However, if you sleep very, very light and if you are the type who wakes up just with little sounds, then make sure you test the unit in the shop first before you purchase it so you do not have any regrets.


Upon purchase of the unit, you are not required to assemble any of its parts. It is ready to use and this is very helpful for those who do not want to tinker with parts just to make a humidifier up and running. As for maintenance, you do not have to do thorough cleaning every day. Simple wipes on the body can be done if you do not want the unit to accumulate dust. Once-a-week cleaning, especially of the parts and filter, is enough for most of those who have tried the unit. If you are fussy about filter buildups then it is best that you do weekly or bi-monthly soaking of the parts and filter. You do not have to change filters as that would just be added costs to you. With this model, all you need to do is soak up some parts in order to remove buildup. The buildup can be attributed to unfiltered water but many users say that if filtered water is used in the tank, then cleaning and soaking can be done less frequently.

Vicks V745A

Visual Design

The Vicks V745A unit is made of plastic. Its color is mainly white but the tank is in clear blue. The looks is said to be simple and clean. But for those who are picky about their humidifier’s looks, then this particular model should be a good choice since the looks and sounds of it when turned on can actually be pleasing and relaxing to the eye. Again, the light it emits can soothe and provide comfort to adults, teenagers and kids who want to have some sort of night light when they sleep during the night.


This humidifying unit from Vicks is certainly one of the portable ones. Its measurements are 12 inches by 7.9 inches by 14.2 inches. It is pretty easy to use even in a small room. It weighs 4.8 pounds and can also be transferred from one room to another with much ease. If a user only plans to buy one, then the unit can be used in several rooms by transferring (for practicality). But of course, if there is a huge need to humidify several rooms at a time, then it is best that the purchase of more units is invested upon. After all, the price is quite affordable and there are even stores that offer promos like free shipping, adding to the total value of one’s purchase. The unit, with its acceptable dimensions, can easily be placed either on tabletops or on the floor, whichever is more comfortable to the user.


The tank can hold up to one gallon of water but the moisture capacity, as mentioned earlier, is up to two gallons. This means that the unit is powerful enough to run for 24 hours on low setting and for 9 to 12 hours on high setting. With this capacity, one can say goodbye to making multiple trips just to refill the unit. Note that with this good capacity level, you are getting antimicrobial properties with it so not only is it convenient, it is healthy as well. Those who want to refill less frequently should consider this units bigger brother, the Vicks V790.

Value for Money

The Vicks V745A is indeed very affordable. If you want to invest in a humidifier for the first time, then it is always wise to purchase one that is within the $50 price range so that you would not have to regret your purchase if it scores below expectations. However, you can be assured that even with the cheap price, you get so much more in terms of feature, effectiveness and reliability with this particular humidifier model from Vicks. You get a reasonable price but you get more in terms of health and comfort benefits.

Suggested Accessories

The unit can really work well on its own as it can really effectively increase a room’s humidity level. If you just hate dry air and if you do not want your family members to always have uncomfortable coughs and colds, then this model is really worth your money.

If, however, you want to get more than what the unit offers, there are several accessories that can optimize your humidifying unit.

Vicks Vaposteam

Vicks offers a variety of inhaler medication products such as the Vicks Vaposteam. These products can be used on traditional inhalers and humidifiers such as the Vicks V745A in order for the unit to dispel healing vapors. One example is the Vicks Vaposteam cough suppressant which can be very useful in helping cure and suppress irritating coughs.

Kaz Inhalant

Kaz Inhalant, just like Vaposteam, is a medication used for humidifiers and inhalers (never take orally!). The medication can be placed in the Vicks V745A’s medicine cup so that it also gives healing vapors that helps with clogged nostrils due to colds.


Hygrometers are devices that measure a room’s humidity levels. There are humidifiers with built in hygrometers. If your unit does not have one, then buying a digital or analog hygrometer can be a wise but very cheap investment.

tick Advantages

  • Ready to use, no assembly required upon purchase
  • Antimicrobial
  • Low noise
  • Night light feature
  • Two comfort operation levels (high and low)
  • Warm mist, best for dry air and winters
  • Cheap
  • Includes medication cup for healing mists
  • 12-hour average run time
  • Auto shut off

cross Disadvantages

  • No built-in hygrometer
  • Not zero-noise

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