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A Closer Look at the Venta Sonic VS205 Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Venta Sonic VS205

Dry coughs, flu symptoms, nasal congestions… they say that all these are part of growing up. But whether they are really a normal part of life or not, who says we cannot shake the usual things up so we can avoid these health problems and bothers altogether? After all, who needs dry itchy noses, irritating cough or even troubled sleep especially when we can feel more comfortable and be loads healthier with the help of modern things such as humidifiers? Indeed, parents, single adults and family-minded individuals should all look closer at humidifiers such as the Venta Sonic VS205. With at least one such unit in the house, the air can literally be so much better. Let us look into the different aspects of the Venta Sonic VS205 and check out what it offers in terms of features, specifications, strengths and weaknesses.

Table of Contents

1. Effectiveness
2. Features
3. Noise Levels
4. Maintenance
5. Visual Design
6. Dimensions
7. Capacity
8. Value for Money
9. Recommended Accessories
10. Advantages
11. Disadvantages


Like most portable humidifying units in the market today, this cool or warm mist room humidifier (ultrasonic) is suitable for areas of up to about 600 square feet. It can work well in the bedroom, living room, dining areas and in rooms where people concentrate as it can greatly relieve dryness in the room by dispelling mist and humidifying the atmosphere. The unit can produce a humidity fog cloud of warm or cool mist and can effectively increase the humidity in the room without going overboard. Its tank can carry up to 1.8 gallons of water and in terms of performance it can give off 3.7 gallons in 24 hours.


One of the Venta Sonic VS205’s best features is that it offers microbial protection. You can be assured that the unit will be free from bacterial growth and lime or lime buildup. The user, depending on the actual room atmosphere and personal preference, can choose from warm or cool mist releases from the humidifier, thus, giving the room’s occupants the most comfort. Since the unit only produces very fine mist through high frequency vibration, you would not get the feeling of being too wet in your surroundings. A fan built in the unit blows off the produced mist so it aids in effective instant evaporation. This Venta model also offers an LCD indicator so that you know when the desired humidity levels are already reached. Another great feature is that this particular model does not require you to refill many times a day. Many consumers say that once-a-day refill is sufficient since about 40-50% running levels are just right most days and nights.

Noise Levels

The Venta Sonic VS205 barely makes a noise that you would not even notice it is running. Many humidifiers in the market make gurgling or humming sounds that can be too distractive for sleep or normal routines. With this ultrasonic humidifier, you can benefit much from its strength of being quiet especially if you plan to use it in or near children’s bedrooms or play area. Since there is practically no noise, the unit itself does not intimidate.


First of all, the unit is low maintenance in terms of refilling frequency. It can run for 24 hours without you or any family member making a refill run. If, however, you decide to increase humidity levels, then you might also see the need to do one more refill for the day. Note, though, that in order to fill the tank, you would have to unscrew the filter and turn the tank upside down. But with the average, one fill a day, the effort you put into filling the unit can be worth it. Another strong point in terms of maintenance is that you do not have to bother yourself with the usual humidifying unit wick. Wicks are useful and serve as filters but we all know that traditional wicks can develop moldy appearance and odor that they need to be replaced so often it breaks your budget.

As for cleaning the Venta VS205, anyone even without technical or mechanical knowledge can do it. Simple clean towel wipes to the base is enough and then the oscillator can be scaled off using the brush that is included in the package.

Venta Sonic VS205

Visual Design

The actual design is clean and simple. The unit comes in a white base and blue accents on the middle and top parts. For someone who does not want to deal with complicated parts, buttons and knobs, it is good news to say that the Venta Sonic VS205 only gives you two knobs and a single button to deal with. The first button is for the humidity setting, the second for spray power, and the button for temperature of mist you want your unit to produce. Without a humidistat, you do not have exact figures for the level of humidity you get. But that can be easily solved by getting even a cheap hygrometer to place in your home.


The Venta Sonic VS205 weighs 8.5 pounds when empty and about 11 pounds when filled with water and ready to use. Its dimensions are 11 (length) by 13 (width) by 15 (height) inches making it easy enough to fit a room comfortably. The power cord is at 6 feet and the unit can be used on 110-120V AC.


As mentioned earlier, the Venta Sonic VS205 can hold up to 1.8 gallons of water and can produce 3.7 gallons of mist. It can easily increase the room’s humidity by ten to fifteen times even in a large, high ceiling room. While it is best to have one unit for each room, consumers experience satisfaction even if they have to “share” one humidifier unit for two small or medium-sized rooms with both doors open.

Value for Money

The Venta Sonic VS205 is more on the expensive side as it nears the $100 mark. It is more costly than the average portable room humidifier since it is one that does the humidifying job seriously. It can also be pretty heavy duty as you can depend on it to last for a number of years (unlike many cheap humidifiers that give up on you just after a few months or a year’s use).

Recommended Accessories

Analog Hygrometer

An analog hygrometer is very useful especially if your humidifying unit does not have a built-in device to measure humidity accurately. One good thing about choosing an analog hygrometer is that it can run without batteries, meaning less hassles and less costs. Instead of using batteries, you simply calibrate the unit to keep it running.


Digital Hygrometer

A digital humidity indicator device lets you measure the moisture in the air accurately. You would not have to do guesswork nor do you have to simply feel if “the air and mist are just right”. Some digital hygrometers have big screen displays for easy readings. Note, however, that these digital devices require you to have battery stock.

tick Advantages

  • Very simple to operate – Two knobs and one button. Ideal even for those mechanically-challenged.
  • One filling for a 24-hour period – Best for those who do not want to fuss over multiple refills especially in the middle of the night.
  • No wick – No wick to replace, thus, saving both time and money
  • Provides microbial protection and also anti-buildup
  • Extremely quiet – Best used for bedrooms
  • The option to use warm or cool mist

cross Disadvantages

  • Tank needs to be turned upside down just to refill
  • More on the expensive side compared to the other brands and models in the market
  • Does not have built-in humidity level indicator

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