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Sunpentown SU-4010 Dual Mist Humidifier with ION Exchange Filter

Sunpentown SU-4010

Breathing dry air has a lot of repercussions on oneís health, especially during the winter season. It can cause throat irritation, cough, and other respiratory issues. This is why the need for humidifiers has significantly increased. As years go by, different types of humidifiers are becoming available to consumers. And in order to beat the competition and stay in the game, the humble humidifier has evolved from a mere machine that emits moisture in the atmosphere into something thatís much more sophisticated.

The Sunpentown SU-4010 dual mist humidifier is a perfect example.

Table of Contents

1. Output and Effectiveness
2. Features
3. Noise Levels
4. Cleaning and Maintenance
5. Visual Design
6. Dimensions
7. Capacity
8. Value for Money
9. Accessories
10. Advantages
11. Disadvantages

Output and Effectiveness

The Sunpentown SU-4010 emits moisture at a rate of 400ml per hour. At this rate, the machine can continuously run for up to 10 hours. The maximum number of hours that the machine can run will depend on whether the users opted for warm mist or cool mist, or for high or low humidity. As the temperature and humidity levels go higher, the number of hours that the machine can produce mist is decreased. It can humidify an area of up to 500 square feet, making it ideal for any area or room in the house or in small offices.

Product Features

One of the more unusual features of the Sunpentown SU-4010 is the ability to emit cool or warm mist. Emitting warm mist uses more electricity, but this is at least partially offset by a reduced requirement for alternative heating in the room. This feature is very beneficial especially for people living in areas with extreme weather conditions.

One of the setbacks of having a dual mist machine is shifting from warm mist to cool mist. In order to generate warm mist, the humidifier needs to bring the water to a certain temperature. Thus, it may take a while for the mist to cool down, unless the user decides to just throw away the warm water and replace it with cold water, which would be rather wasteful.

Another nice feature is the split nozzle that rotates up to 360 degrees. This helps the machine emit mist in two directions, making it more effective at humidifying a large area and keeping the moisture in a room well dispersed. In addition, this feature makes it easier to find a suitable location for the machine since it can be placed anywhere and one can simply adjust the nozzle in order to ensure that it is not pointing towards the socket or the wall.

The unit has an overheat protection mechanism, making it safe to use for prolonged hours. In addition, the light indicators are not annoyingly bright but are just enough to serve their purpose. It also comes with a power cord that is almost 6 feet long, thus you can put it in a location that is far from the power supply.

Noise Level

Noise is an important aspect in identifying the user-friendliness of a humidifier. No one will be able to get a good sleep if using a humidifier that produces noise comparable to a raging truck or a speeding motorcycle. Compared to other humidifiers with the same output and specifications, the Sunpentown SU-4010 is relatively quiet. The only sound one will hear is the sound of water droplets inside the machine. Some users, however, say that the water sounds on the ultrasonic plates are random and can be a bit annoying when there is no other sound in the room.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Minor cleaning will be required on a regular basis, just like any humidifier. However, the ION Exchange Filter makes the cleaning process easier. It removes calcium in magnesium in hard water, reducing the emissions of white particles of mineral dust, as well as preventing the formation of mineral deposits in the machine. Since the unit comes with a cleaning brush, it will not be a difficult task to periodically clean the machine without having to scrape off mineral deposits or mold buildup. The ION exchange filter also lasts for a very long time. On the average, it will have to be replaced only once every 6 months, but that does vary depending on the water used.

The machine may emit small water droplets if the setting is too high. Therefore, it may produce puddles of water that needs to be cleaned or it could damage the floor or be a viable source of bacteria and germs. If you have this problem, switch to the lowest setting. Otherwise, one would have to clean a puddle of water each morning on a daily basis.

Sunpentown SU-4010

Visual Design

The Sunpentown SU-4010 has a very sleek design. It is so slim that one can fit it into a bookcase. Because of this, it will not be difficult to find a small corner or countertop in the house where the humidifier would fit perfectly. The overall design also makes it prettier and better to look at compared to other bulky humidifiers.


The Sunpentown SU-4010 Dual Mist Humidifier with ION Exchange Filter is 13.2 inches long, 5.3 inches wide, and 12.4 inches high. Its size is clearly an understatement considering the amount of space it can humidify. Because it is small and compact, it will not be a problem to carry it around the house. For people who are living alone, this is a good option because there is no need to get multiple humidifiers for every single room in the house. One can just bring it along in the living room for a comfortable movie night, in the kitchen or dining room for a warm and cozy dinner, or in the bedroom for a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep.


The Sunpentown SU-4010 can hold up to 4.7 liters of water. This amount is enough to last for an entire night without the user having to wake up in the middle of the night to fill the water tank. Users should be extra careful in replacing the tank cap after filling as the water may leak if the cap is not screwed properly.

Value for Money

There are other humidifiers in the market that are priced lower. However, it is more valuable and has more features compared to many other humidifiers that are within the same price range. The filter is priced about half as much as the humidifier. However, this is not a big issue given the fact that the filter does not have to be replaced frequently.

Suggested Accessories

This particular model is preferred by many consumers as it does not require you to frequently change filters. As mentioned above, the Supertown SU-4010 needs only the bi-annual filter change. However, if you want to prolong the filter change or if you simply want to prolong the life of your unit, there are accessories that can help you do so.

These are:

1. Tank Cleaning Cartridge

One good example of an accessory that can help prolong the life of your humidifying unit is a tank-cleaning cartridge. For instance, you can choose the ProTec cleaning cartridge that is especially designed for humidifiers. This can be used in any model or unit and is tested to work well with the Supentown SU-4010. This product is used by simply dropping it into the humidifierís water tank.

2. Humidifier Water Treatment

A humidifier water treatment can be a wise investment as well because it can eventually prolong the life of your humidifier. It can be used for both warm and cool humidifying units. This works by dissolving the lime scale that usually builds up in the wick filters and also by preventing water obstruction that can damage your unit.

tick Advantages

  • The dual mist function gives the user an option between cool or warm mist.
  • The 360 degree rotating split nozzle is perfect to humidify a wider area.
  • The ION exchange filter and the accompanying cleaning brush makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • It produces a very minimal sound, close to none at all.
  • It requires a very small place and can fit in anywhere because of its size.
  • It has an overheat protection mechanism and a long power cord.

cross Disadvantages

  • It may release water droplets if too high a setting is chosen.
  • It may take some time to shift from warm mist to cool mist.
  • It can produce water leaks if the cap of the water tank is not closed properly.

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