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Humidifier Reviews

The main purpose of this site is to be a buyer's guide, providing an overview of the various technologies available and describing the benefits of each so people can make an informed purchase that fits well with their needs.

Once the type of humidifier has been selected, itís time to look at individual models. We canít review all that are available, so weíll focus on some of the most popular choices.

  • Air-O-Swiss AOS 7144 - A powerful and incredibly stylish ultrasonic humidifier. Much more technically advanced than most. Very desirable, but quality comes at a price.

  • Crane EE-0865 - An ultrasonic humidifier thatís available in a variety of adorable animal designs. Perfect for children, or adults who are young at heart.

  • Crane EE-5301 - Ultrasonic humidifier with a beautifully designed drop shape. Available in a variety of colors.

  • Honeywell QuietCare HCM-6009 - High output free standing console with lots of desirable features such as filters for air purification, auto shutoff, built in humidistat and programmable timer.

  • Hunter 32200 - Very affordable evaporative humidifier with antimicrobial properties. Ideal for light use.

  • Lasko 1115 - Evaporative humidifier with continuously recirculating water, an unusual look, and relatively easy refilling.

  • Sunpentown SU-4010 - Slimline with directional spouts for convenient positioning. Dual mist options.

  • Venta Sonic VS205 - Ultrasonic with both warm and cool mist options. Slightly more expensive than competitors, but you save money by not having to buy wicks. Simple and quiet operation plus microbial protection.

  • Vicks V745A - Affordable warm mist humidifier with built in medicine cup to enable the production of medicated vapors.

  • Vicks V790 - A larger capacity warm mist humidifier, that also has a medicine cup and impressive UV anti-bacterial performance.