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Beat Dry Air with the Lasko 1115 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier

Lasko 1115 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier

Humidifiers play an essential role in keeping us safe from dry air. During summer, dry air does not pose a big threat because the air is still a bit humid. However, as the weather gets colder, humidity levels drop further and if it is not addressed, it can make someone feel bad or sick. Some of the most common conditions brought about by dry air include sore throat, dry skin and lips, irritation in the eyes, cough, and other respiratory conditions.

For those who are looking for a basic humidifier, the Lasko 1115 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier is one of the cheaper choices. It does not have any extravagant features, but it can definitely fulfill the functions that it is made for.

Table of Contents

1. Effectiveness and Output
2. Specific Features
3. Noise Level
4. Maintenance and Cleaning
5. Visual Design
6. Product Dimensions
7. Maximum Capacity
8. Price
9. Accessories
10. Advantages
11. Disadvantages

Effectiveness and Output

The Lasko 1115 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier is designed to be able to humidify an area of up to 800 square feet. This is a pretty big area especially when we are just talking about rooms in a house. Therefore, the machine can be used practically anywhere around the house or even in office spaces which is within the said floor area. The machine has a maximum output of 3 gallons within a 24-hour period. The large output grill, in addition, allows the evaporated moisture to disperse easily in the air and work on increasing the humidity levels faster.

Specific Features

The Lasko 1115 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier has a three level output controller, so users will be able to control the output depending on the current situation in a particular room.

The water is circulated continuously. Because of this, the entire filter area is maximized, and contaminants or mineral deposits do not stagnate or form deposits that are difficult to clean.

The other features of this product are pretty much basic and are typically found in other types of humidifiers. The indicator light shows whether the machine is turned on or off. The water receptacle at the bottom of the machine is clear, making it easy to check whether a refill is needed.

Noise Level

Users have mixed reactions as to whether the noise level is tolerable or not. The sound produced by the machine is very similar to the sound one usually hears from a fish tank, mixed with the low humming of the fan. For some, this sound is soothing and helps them sleep better on top of the humidifierís ability to keep the air at a good humidity level. For others, however, they prefer completely quiet humidifiers and see the sound as annoying and unnecessary.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Because of the constant circulation of water, users of Lasko 1115 will not have to worry about cleaning up stiff mineral deposits or build-up of molds and other contaminants. Being natural evaporative technology also ensures that the machine does not emit white dust. However, it is still recommended to clean the machine once every one or two weeks in order to keep the water and the machineís output pure and clean.

Lasko 1115 Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier

Visual Design

The Lasko 1115 has a unique design and does not follow the typical box style that most humidifiers display. It has a tapered edge where the fill grid is, and the other side which has the output grill is wider. The design is basic yet functional, with the water tank securely located at the bottom portion of the machine, while the fill grid and output grill are on top. Thus, there is no need to move the machine or its parts unless it is time for cleaning.

Product Dimensions

The Lasko 1115 has the following dimensions: 16 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 13 inches high. It is a bit bulkier compared to other humidifiers that produce the same output, but it is still not big enough to take up too much space. The product can conveniently fit in a standard-size room without looking like itís too big for the room.

Maximum Capacity

The Lasko 1115 can hold up to 1.75 gallons of water. At maximum levels, this is enough supply for 10 to 12 hours of continued use. This should not pose a problem, however, because it is very convenient to fill the machine with water. The water tank is built-in. There is a fill grid on top of the machine where the water can be poured into. The setback of this, however, is the possibility of leaks. Refilling the machine while it is turned on is one of the major causes of leaks. Thus, it is recommended to turn the machine off first before filling it up with water.


This is one of the most affordable models currently in the market with the previously discussed level of output. Because of this, satisfied users are not forced to stick with just one unit and use the same unit in all rooms in the house by dragging it from one room to another. Some users are so satisfied that they are able to afford to buy multiple units to put on different rooms in the house without feeling that they are spending too much on humidifiers. In addition, the need to replace the filter is not that frequent. Therefore, users would not have to spend a lot of money in order to keep the humidifier clean and working properly. Overall, this machine is a good buy if one is just looking for a basic humidifier and has no other expectations from the machine other than its ability to bring back moisture to dry air.

Recommended Accessories

1. Humidifier Filter Pad (Lasko)

Also from the Lasko brand is one accessory that is always wise to stock up on. The humidifier filter pad from Lasko can be bought for less than $10 and can go a long way in terms of helping your humidifier perform its best. This replacement filter is easy to use and install in your Lasko unit. Needless to say, by regular changing of humidifier filter, you do not only ensure that your unit is working efficiently but you are also assured of a longer lifespan for your unit. The Lasko filter pad replacement can be used not just with the Lasko 1115 model but is also compatible with Lasko 1150, 1050 and the 1000.

2. Tank Cleaning Cartridge

A tank cleaning cartridge aims to clean the tank water used in your humidifier. One good product is the ProTec cartridge as it is compatible with your Lasko 1115. One has to simply drop the cartridge into the tank and you can be assured of safe and non-toxic cleaning so your unitís life and efficiency is maximized.

tick Advantages

  • Constant water recirculation prevents stagnation and build-up of minerals or molds.
  • Fill the water through the fill door; no need to unload and replace bulky water tanks.
  • The product is affordable and costs less than other brands.

cross Disadvantages

  • Some users find the sound of water and fan annoying.
  • Prone to leak if water is refilled while the machine is turned on or if the clear seal piece is not in its proper place.
  • The difference between the three output levels is not as significant as on other humidifiers.

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