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Hunter Humidifier Information

Hunter produce a variety of humidifiers to be used in your home or office. They come in different shapes and styles. Some are towers, while others are the standard box shape we’d usually expect. They’ve even added some sculpted designs to make things interesting.

One of their most interesting innovations is the PermaWick, which will last for multiple seasons without ever needing to be replaced. This saves consumers both time and money. Nobody wants to spend their life changing wicks in a humidifier!

Hunter seem to put a lot of effort into making their machines low maintenance and easy to clean. Antimicrobial coatings are present on even the most basic in the range. This is something that the entry-level offerings of other brands rarely have.

There higher end models have other desirable features as well, such as a digital humidistat which gives you effortless humidity control, and of course, auto shut-off. Some also have a built in nightlight, which is a bit of a novelty, but useful for some people.

Older models used to make quite a lot of noise, but the more recent releases no longer suffer from this problem. They aren’t the quietest available, but sound levels wont be a problem for most people.

Models reviewed on this site:

  • Hunter 32200 - Basic evaporative humidifier offering good value for money, particularly to light users.