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Honeywell Humidifier Information

Honeywell produce both whole house and single room humidifiers. You can find out about the differences between those two types by clicking the link.

Portable, single room models have become increasingly popular as the technology has improved and prices have come down. For many people this is the default choice, but those with a greater need for humidification who also have a compatible heating system should definitely consider a whole house solution.

Honeywell humidifiers have a good reputation, and most come with clever features that make owning them a pleasure. For example, some of their whole house humidifiers are self cleaning, requiring maintenance from you only once each year. Other features that we recommend looking for, such as the ability to automatically refill themselves from the main water supply can also be found on this range.

The same is true of their single room models. If you look through our list of desirable features youíll see that most of them are present. Built in hygrometer for automatic humidity control, auto-shutoff, low noise and high output. Itís not surprising that these are some of the most popular available today.

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